Why is Hair Analysis Important?

All Minerals in the Body are Affected by Each Other

Just as a baker must have the right ingredients in the right amounts for his breads and pastries to turn out right, so we too need the right minerals in the right amounts in order to maintain good health. Hair analysis is a way to look at what is happening in the body at a cellular level. All of your nutrient minerals and toxic metals levels can be read by a properly performed hair analysis.

For years people have analyzed blood, saliva, urine, etc. to find out things relating to their health. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, “The milk, urine, saliva and sweat measure the component that is absorbed, but excreted. The blood measures the component that is absorbed and temporarily circulated before excretion and/or storage. The hair, nails and teeth are tissues in which trace minerals are sequestered and/or stored”. It was approximately 50 years ago that science began utilizing hair for this purpose and over time it has proved to be the most stable medium that can be analyzed. Today hair analysis, if done properly and read by someone trained in this field, is an exact science and can tell much about our metabolism.

Every single mineral in the body has an effect on every other mineral whether it is beneficial or not. An imbalance occurs if just one is incorrect in its amount which sets off a chain reaction of imbalances and compensations.

A person may say “I’m only taking a little calcium” or it could be some other mineral like copper, iron or zinc, etc. Harm can be caused by taking a supplement that is not needed or by not taking it in the right amount and in conjunction with other mineral or vitamin supplements. Let’s consider Iron as an example:


We have heard for many years “iron-poor blood causes fatigue”; the phrase is often used in advertising. As a result untold numbers of people take iron in many different formulas. Unfortunately, if iron is not taken in the right ratio with other minerals, it will make a tired person EXHAUSTED.

Each body is different and so is their hair analysis-therefore the amount of iron or any other minerals you need for more energy may be completely different than the person next to you. Here is an example of what can happen if you take an iron supplement incorrectly:

One of the first things to happen is that your sodium level will go up. The long term consequence of this is that the adrenal glands will be stimulated

Elevated sodium lowers magnesium, therefore your level of magnesium will be decreased.

When the magnesium level lowers, so does your calcium level as it tries to maintain a 7 to 1 calcium to magnesium ratio in order to control insulin production.

Potassium moves in the opposite direction as calcium, so as calcium lowers, your potassium level goes up.

This has an effect on nitrogen as it is lowered in the body and your oxidation rate is increased, the body begins to utilize its own proteins instead of building them.

Since the respiration rate of the tissue is sped up copper is used more quickly thereby lowering your copper level. If your copper level is already low to begin with or if you have a high zinc to copper ratio (above 8.0), then the availability of the copper becomes severely decreased, lowering cellular oxidation.

As the level of copper lowers, so does zinc as it tries to maintain a proper ratio with copper your sodium level climbs even higher. The adrenal glands eventually become exhausted due to the constant stimulation and the end result will be that you will be even more tired or exhausted than when you started.

As the zinc level lowers, manganese goes up when the manganese level cannot be sustained it will collapse; you become weak and indecisive.

In other words taking iron incorrectly has only made the problem worse. The conclusion is: No mineral works alone. Imagine how complicated it can get trying to balance all the beneficial minerals we have in our bodies, not to mention keeping the non-beneficial or toxic ones in check.

Perfect Balance has a program for determining what your levels are, eliminating the toxic amounts, and normalizing the levels and ratios of the nutrient minerals you need. If you are willing to submit a hair sample (about a tablespoon) for assay we can help you get back in balance and maintain your good health.

If you would like more information on hair analysis please contact us at info@forperfectbalance.com.