The Science of Balance:

Antagonism / Synergism

All Minerals in the Body are Affected by Each Other

If everything is going well, we should have all the nutrients and minerals in the right amounts that our bodies needs to maintain perfect health and vitality; nothing should slow us down. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most people. Due to environmental poisonings, dietary habits, stress, maternal inheritance and many other causes, our bodies are generally lacking in some of what we need. Some of us have an additional burden: heavy metal accumulation; which further slows us down!

So how do you get that balance back? It may seem plausible to take more of something you’re lacking, but what if you have too much? How do you get rid of the excess?

The human body works by two things: antagonism and synergism.  Simply put, antagonism is when two substances oppose each other and the outcome is that you can decrease the effectiveness of one substance.  Synergism is the opposite and refers to when two things work together for a greater combined effect.

So how does this relate to your body and its imbalances? If you have too much of one thing, you can antagonize the excess from your tissues with its antagonist equal.  This will create a situation where the antagonist equal helps you get rid of the surplus.

If you are lacking something, the solution seems simple: take what you’re lacking.  Oftentimes, however, this alone isn’t enough.  To help your body properly absorb what you are lacking, you will need to combine this with the synergist.

Here lies the beauty of hair analysis. Instead of guessing, we are able to determine exactly what is stored in the soft tissues of your body through the testing and can accurately antagonize the heavy metals and excesses from your tissues and then balance out the levels of the necessary and beneficial elements that are lacking.

The result? Your body gets exactly what it needs to help you feel better than ever.