About Perfect Balance

How Perfect Balance Started

In 1977, Joe Brown was given a grim diagnosis for his lung cancer. Left with very few options through traditional medical avenues, Joe began his own research for alternatives. Through his studies and the urging of well-meaning friends, Joe was able to fully recover from the cancer and started down a path that has led to where we are today. Founded in 1985, Perfect Balance was created so Joe could help others as he had helped himself. Today, Joe is healthy and still searching for the best answers to big problems.

How the Business is Run Today

Although Joe is still an integral part of Perfect Balance, his primary devotion these days is to the research. He is committed to examining how we as human work, how we can have a better effect on the prevention of disease, how to eliminate disease-causing agents—and thus repair ourselves, and how to form better relationships with the standing medical profession.

Lead by his daughter Suzannah, Perfect Balance today strives to uphold the standards of quality and professional service that Joe started with. The results of each hair analysis are individually reviewed and each program that is recommended is detailed to fit each person’s exact needs.