After only 2 doses of whatever miracle drug (4 B-15's or 2 Red Apple) I'm a different person.

The sun is shining again, my positive attitude is back and I'm no longer a a robot vegetable struggling to keep one foot moving in front of the other.

D. H.

About six months ago I went through a depressions that I couldn't seem to get out of.

I'm convinced that the vitamin balance has helped my life and I'm going to keep with it from now on

Dorothy H.

I just had to let you know how pleased and surprised I am with the results we have seen since my son started his supplement program. Chris is 13-years-old and has had type one diabetes for over 3 years.

Since he started "the pills" about 6 months ago he has had six insulin-free periods lasting from two days to two weeks in length. We are looking forward to the time when he no longer needs his insulin at all!

Julie C

This letter is to give you an update on my Candida and m progress using your pHenomenal water concentrate and [Balsamea]. After two months on the water [Balsamea] I am not only losing weight and eating less but my Candida seems to be all but gone. When I started the water, as you know, the Candida was even manifesting itself on my skin - with my arms and ears being the worst trouble spots. Now my arms are clear and not flaky or itching as they were and my ears are clear and have n flakes or redness around or in them. I have some residual areas on my scalp but nothing like when I started. As I continue with the water, I find that the few spots left are leaving and healing nicely.

I also gave a bottle of the concentrate to my brother and after one liter of the mixed water, he got out of the hot tub to discover that his entire foot was peeling in one sheet due to the resident athlete's foot being killed by the one dose. He now swears by it too.

Jim has gotten much good out of the water also -- he finds he has greater stamina and more energy. He is able to work a 9-10 hour day, loading boxes on the ships without being worn completely out. Not bad for a man of 68.

We are both really glad that you recommended that we start the program. It has helped us enormously.

K. Brown and J. Brown
Acuscope-Myopulse Technicians
Anchorage, Alaska

(no relation to Joe Brown)

K. Brown and J. Brown

My son Matthew was diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) after seeing a therapist for destructive behavior. He would hit his head on walls, break toys and tried killing our cat. He would not sit still for more than 5-10 minutes max.

He had become withdrawn and spoke rarely. Matthew started the "Perfect Balance" program in September 1993. I am on the program also, and have a very high aluminum level. Matthew's aluminum amount is half of mine.

Almost immediately after starting his program we saw a change in his behavior. He no longer was shy and withdrawn, but very talkative. His destructive and violent outbursts slowed. His attitude and personality have completely changed for the better. From his latest hair analysis I can see why. Thank you for our hope.

L. M. C.

My son was having many problems in school like not being able to focus on his work or sit still in class and was very disruptive to the other children. He usually had to sit away from everyone else in the class in order to get anything done at all.

I just returned from Parent-Teacher conferences and so much has improved. His grade is all up and all his teachers talked about was what a polite child he was. He is enjoying school for the first time ever. This year has been a real turning point in his life.

I feel that we owe it all to the program.

Thank You!


I really can't say thank-you enough. I originally sought out your program because of my youngest son, Grant. He was labeled with a learning disability by his school, last year. These very same educators were convinced this was a permanent irreversible dysfunction. No one could explain the causes, but were very quick to point out the symptoms, needless to say this was an extremely frustrating position.

Being a bit of a skeptic at first... I watched Grant very closely the first couple of weeks he was on the supplements. 2 weeks after starting this, I watched Grant play with his legos for over 2 hours non-stop and uninterrupted. A very normal accomplishment for a regular 7 year old, but a miracle for us (besides learning disabilities he was also attention deficit disorder). Before starting this Grant's attention span was 15mins at the absolute maximum!!

Our life has turned around dramatically. Grant is doing superb in school (He has recently tested out of special education classes at school) He is a calm, happy, smart!! Child. Every opportunity I have to share my story I pass on the information in hopes of reaching another frustrated parent like me.

Myself I started the program after seeing Grants first improvements. I was on constant anti-biotics for the last two years due to re-occuring bladder & urinary infections - once again the Drs. didn't know the causes yet treated the symptoms only. It was Hell... I couldn't go over 2 weeks without the symptoms returning. I went to a dozen Drs. hoping someone would figure it out. I'm a believer in Joe Brown. I've been off antibiotics for over 7 months now and feel great, No more infections & I have lots of energy now!! I've referred over 9 friends & family members to you!!

Thank you Sincerely! Tanya K.

Tanya K.