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Evaluation of Calcium to Magnesium

People with a low Ca/Mg ratio (5.0 or less) often find it difficult to control their emotions since their feelings are so close to the surface. These are the people who “blow-up” easily instead of holding it in. Because they lack the stability of calcium, their emotions can be volatile and their emotional state of mind insecure.

The blood sugar ratio (Ca/Mg) tells a great deal about your emotional state. Those with an extremely high Ca/Mg ratio (20 or more) have a tremendous suppression of emotions with deeply buried problems. When the ratio goes even higher, the person’s feelings may become so severely buried that he or she may find themselves in a continuous state of euphoria.

A high Ca/Mg ratio indicates a high amount of sugars circulation in the blood stream which, in turn, affects the neurons in the brain and suffocates emotional awareness.


Ca/Mg ratio Energy Levels
21 and over
15 – 20
8 – 15
1.5 and lower

Very severe blood sugar problems; very serious emotional disorders
Serious blood sugar problems
Low levels of energy-Hypoglycemia
Moderate levels of energy
Moderate levels of energy
Low levels of energy-Hyperglycemia
Serious blood sugar problems
Very severe blood sugar problems; very serious emotional disorders