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People who have under-active adrenal function are more prone to allergies. Your adrenal function can fluctuate, mostly due to stress and this is why doctors tell you that you needn’t have had allergies in the past to suffer from them now.

Allergies are an extremely difficult subject to define as they are so many, so varied, so misunderstood, and so misdiagnosed. As a point of proof, look at any list of illnesses caused by copper or mercury toxicity and you will find many things that are considered allergies.

These are not allergies but metabolic imbalances brought about by the toxicity. Both men and women that have one or both of these toxicities will always have sinus and nasal congestion due to the irritating effect of metals on their epithelial tissues. During “allergy season” the problem usually increases.

We have all known some people that sniff, cough and blow all year round but during allergy season are almost debilitated. This condition is so bad they think when allergy season is not there that the symptoms they still have are normal. We have also known some people who, upon a Doctor’s recommendation have had their nasal passages enlarged by surgery when in actuality the problem was copper and mercury toxicity.

Allergies are mainly controlled by the element magnesium and are alleviated when it is returned to full control.