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Adrenal Sensitivity

Adrenal hormone is produced by your adrenal gland. The function is basically the same as your thyroid and as with the thyroid its not the amount of the hormone produced but how sensitive you are to it. You can produce normal amounts of adrenal hormone and still be over or under-sensitive to it.

Your Adrenal glands sit atop your renal glands or kidneys tucked just under the top of you pelvis bone near your back and are responsible for your physical energy. Actually these g1ands do much more than just provide energy-they are generally recognized as the main energy producers of your body.

All of the Corticosteroids used by your system are produced in your Adrenal glands. The more complex the Corticosteroid, the closer to the center of the Adrenal it is made. The more powerful the Corticosteroid, the closer to the central complex it is made.

The Hormones fur your sex drive, many fur your immune reactions, your physical energy, your maleness, your femininity, are all made here and it is what contro1s the sensitivity of your Adrenals that dictates their power.

Your Adrena1s are controlled by your Calcium to Sodium ratio or your Ca/Na.